The Mutiara Jimbaran Boutique Villa is situated in an exclusive area where top services and great surroundings will highlight your stay.

Our villa is recommended for your stay in Bali. You will find many well known seafood restaurants and other attractions nearby. All villas have their own private pool, private dining with fully equipped kitchen set and spacious living areas. The architectural styles are classy, modern and minimalist designed with peace and privacy in mind. The well thought design villas will leave you in an atmosphere like never before.

Our Facilities


Apart from providing us with energy, breakfast foods are good sources of important nutrients such as calcium, iron and B vitamins as well as protein and fiber. The body needs these essential nutrients and research shows that if these are missed at breakfast, they are less likely to be compensated for later in the day.


Massage therapy and spa treatments are more than just a luxury part of a vacation, the benefits of these treatments do more than make you feel good, but they have many internal and external health benefits. A spa massage is essential to our bodies. This is because after daily routine, the body can get weary and tired, therefore a spa massage can help you to maintain your mental, physical and emotional well being.